The club that let football down


So it all played out the way Preston fans predicted – we failed when we couldn´t afford to. The MK train wallsed over the already relegated Yeovil and Colchester refused to go down with them. The anti climax after holding on to the second place for so long. There´s is a lot of cool football nicknames out there. I don´t concider “The Bottlers” to be one of them. We´ll forever be the team that got “the club that never should have been” back in the second tire.

But crying like a spoiled child won´t take us anywhere, we´re in the play offs now and I have a feeling the lads want to put a couple of things straight. So come on you mighty Whites and make the push for Wembley and more important for the Championship.


18 games unbeaten


With Joey Garner´s hat-trick today we´re 18 games unbeaten and one win away from a promotion party. MK Dons trailing by one point will meet an already relegated side next weekend so the preasure is on us. If Col.U win their mid week game in hand against the side we trashed today they will have everything to play for at home against us. In other words the stakes are high and it´s as always nerve wrecking to be a Preston North End fan. It´s now so close we can taste it. Let´s top 19 unbeaten off with a win lads!

The Gentry

blackpool-banner-007“Preston fans are the best, they´re the gentry!” The words are by former Preston gaffer Alan Ball and every North End fan knows them. Every season there´s even a Gentry Day were Prestonians dress up i bowler hats and suits to look the part. So why start of this blog post stating the obvoious? Because we´re in quite a unic situastion at the moment. Blackpool are already relegated and promotion is looking good at our end. So how will this play out? Will the gentry show them selves as that or will the need to rub it in take us to dark places while possibly celebrating our trip back up to the 2nd tire of English football?

Sometimes you´re enemy inflicts damage to itself in a matter you couldn´t possibly dream of being able to. Blackpool has done just that this season. The way the clubs owner has treated the fans have made it hard to look away. The destruction of what was left of a Premier League club has been almost as satisfying as watching Preston win every saturday (ok, not every saturday). So how are we going to celebrate these (hopefully) two grand events? Not surprisingly the banter that has been going on all through the season took off after yesterdays end of Blackpools stay in the Championship. And that´s how it´s supposed to be – but I urge my fellow fans to show some class. The picture of the tosser showing off a tangerine shirt at the Rotherham game is back to haunt him and his fellow lashers. I just hope that we could keep them embarrassing pictures to a minimum.

– You´re not from here pal, you don´t know what it´s like! Well, we might not be born and raised in Preston, Lancashire but rivalry is kind of an international thing – and so is class. Showing class states your superiority in a better way than petty banter. So hate Blackpool and be proud to be the bigger club in Lancashire – but show some class while doing it.

We´re after all the best fans, we´re the gentry!

PNE Fans Flag


The newly formed group makes flags for the club and fans with now other motiv than to create a good atmosphere and pay tribute to the club and past or present players. It´s all run by our good friends and we know the lads will keep on giving it their best. Speaking of giving – the whole operation is depending on donations from the rest of us, so give what you can spare and pay back to the club and fans by supporting the cause. Donations can be made via PayPal to Follow the lads on Twitter and Facebook. Great work cha!