Home kit review 2017/2018


The new home kit is picking up the pace from last seasons great design. The shirt is  practically all lillywhite with some narrow navy lines on each side of the neck. The shirt has a ragland seam that makes it look good on the body. The sponsorship is not that bad and it doesn´t stand out that much – although the letters are big and bold it just looks right. Of course no sponsor at all would be best but from last seasons 888 this looks better.

The shorts look good and clean in all navy with big white numbers over the Nike brand. The clubs badge look good on the other side.

The socks in the picture are not the socks the team is using with this kit. Unfortunally they are using a model were the white hoops are broader that the blue. This is dissapointing and does not look as good as last years socks.

All in all the lads looks good when wearing the colors we love. Nike keeps delivering!

Verdict: 8/10


Welcome Alex Neil


Alex Neil has been presented as our new manager. The former Hamilton Academical and Norwich City gaffer will have all eyes on him as he tries to fill Simon Grayson´s boots. The Scott is 35 years old and has managed the two clubs mentioned above for the total of 185 games with a win % of 47.

He became a player-manager for Hamilton Academical in 2013 and led them to promotion to the Scottish Premiership in 2014. In January 2015 he was appointed as Norwich City manager and was the second youngest manager in the Football League at the time. Neil guided Norwich to the Premier League, after winning the 2015 Football League Championship play-off Final.

Welcome Alex!

Andy the Scandi


We like Anders Lindegaard quite a lot. He made a great figure when playing in Tippeligaen over here and seemed a nice guy with his head screwed on tight. He´s also quite a funny guy on Twitter. It´s nice to have a fellow Scadi at Deepdale. Not since our very own Joshua King became the 1000th player to put on the white we`ve had a viking on board.

But what does the Preston loyals think of the guy so far? We turn to twitter…

“Love him!!”

“Decent shotstopper but a bit like Dracula when it comes to crosses.”

“Would like to sign him mainly for his passion!”

“Needs to learn come off his line at corners etc but is clearly a quality keeper at this level.”

“Good to see his wife on the Invincibles today.”

“Almost as good as the new (The Branch) logo.”

“Outstanding stop to keep us in it today. Good distribution, reads the game well and great passion too!”

“That save yesterday from Henry when he was 1 on 1 was world class, top keeper and we need to buy him IMO.”

Away kit review 2015/16


The away kit is finally revealed and our opinion is that it looks good. Allways alot of buz when a new kit is presented. Some think it looks awefull and that the colors are wrong others appreciate the new design. We´re still yellow when visiting lads, and the blue has moved up from the shorts. We appreciate the blue hoop around the sleeve – it´s a detail that looks good. Definitely getting the away kit this season. And the v-neck. Loving the v-neck.

Blue hoops around the socks are the only thing we would like changed. It would look good with the rest. It´s easy starting the season being a negative prick and then enjoy telling everyone “told you so” if things go tits up. I´ll rateher wear this shirt drinking champagne at the promotion party next year;-) Up the Whites!

Verdict: 8/10 points

The Whites are up!!


Preston North End Football Club is once again a Championship side. Beating Swindon Town 4-0 at Wembley Sunday night was the last pice of the 2014/2015 puzzle. And we were there cha. Go to Tours to get an idea of our experience. Althogh words and pictures never will be able to fully describe the “best awayday ever”.

Best awayday ever?


I have a feeling about this game, that it just might be the best awayday ever. We´ve had some good awaydays over the last couple of years – some really good times. Football have tried to ruin some of them though but all in all we´ve had alot of fun. This trip to London might go into the history books in more than one way. Will it be that ten times lucky for North End? Will the Branch`s first trip to Wembley give a win? The non-loosing effect we broght with us wore off some time ago but being the first trip to Wembley maby it returns. Will this be our first live promotion party? In little over 24 hours we´ll know the answer. Up the Whites – Up to the Championship we go!

Next stop Wembley


Over two games the Lancashire lads proved to be the stronger side. Preston was 1-0 up after a Beckford lob on thursday at the Protac Stadium. It was a heated affair where at least one or two players could count themselves luckey to be allowed to finish the game. It´s clear once again that things that could get you jail time outside the stadium may not even be a yellow card offence on the pitch.


At home Beckford followed up with a great lay back volley to make it 2-0. The third Preston playoff goal was a penalty from the league´s top scorer Joey Garner. The last goal was an incredible strike from the half way line – once again by Beckford. Chesterfield put up a decent fight. No shame in losing to the mighty Whites. After their climb to the 3rd tire last season reaching the playoffs have to be concidered a success. For our lot only a W next game calls for the same description. So lads, keep them boots on and stay focused.

Now there´s only one thing in life that´s important – getting tickets to the final.

Wembely Wembely – We´re the mighty Preston North End and we´re going to Wembely!!