Away kit review 2015/16


The away kit is finally revealed and our opinion is that it looks good. Allways alot of buz when a new kit is presented. Some think it looks awefull and that the colors are wrong others appreciate the new design. We´re still yellow when visiting lads, and the blue has moved up from the shorts. We appreciate the blue hoop around the sleeve – it´s a detail that looks good. Definitely getting the away kit this season. And the v-neck. Loving the v-neck.

Blue hoops around the socks are the only thing we would like changed. It would look good with the rest. It´s easy starting the season being a negative prick and then enjoy telling everyone “told you so” if things go tits up. I´ll rateher wear this shirt drinking champagne at the promotion party next year;-) Up the Whites!

Verdict: 8/10 points


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